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Sponsors and Credit

Funding 👍

WaMDaM and related software designs have been developed under funding from several different sources. It was primarily supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the CI-Water Project grant 1135482 and later from the iUtah Project under Grant 1208732. Utah Water Research Lab at Utah State University, Logan Utah provided additional funding through Utah Mineral Lease Funds.

Acknowledgment 🙏

The WaMDaM work presented here represents a six-year effort with coordination and discussions with water resources engineers and modelers who are similarly trying to advance water modeling and data capabilities.

The following people at eight institutions provided valuable feedback and insights into earlier designs and materials, they shared models and datasets, or exchanged informal discussions on WaMDaM design and its software at different stages of its development.

  1. Utah Water Research Laboratory and Utah State University
    David Tarboton, Jeffery Horsburgh, Pabitra Dash, Toney Castronova, Stephanie Reeder

  2. University of Manchester, UK
    Julien Harou, Stephen Knox, and Philipp Meier

  3. University of California, Davis
    Josue Medellin-Azuara, Quinn Hart, Jay Lund

  4. University of Massachusetts Amherst
    David Rheinheimer

  5. Utah Division of Water Resources
    Craig Miller

  6. University of Utah
    Steve Burian, Erfan Goharian

  7. University of Wyoming
    Fred Ogden, Yoshiyuki Zen Igarashi

  8. Brigham Young University, Utah
    Dan Ames, Nathan Swain

Special thanks to the ODM2 team for promoting #OpenScience by publishing their source code. There is no doubt that WaMDaM development has benefited from the ideas and tools used in ODM2.

Adel M. Abdallah appreciates the hospitality of Steve Burian and his Urban Water Research Group at the University of Utah , Salt Lake City for hosting him as a Visiting Scholar during 2014-2018 while developing WaMDaM. Adel also enjoyed being part of the Global Change & Sustainability Center and has learned much from their interdisciplinary Seminar Series. ☕

Programmers 👏

These talented developers helped in implementing and testing different aspects of the pseudocode of the WaMDaM Wizard and adapting the controlled vocabulary system. Stephanie Reeder and Pabitra Dash provided valuable insights into the early design architecture.

  • Kevin Larry
  • Kwang Yingjien
  • Jose Guerrero

Appreciation 😍

Adel M. Abdallah is especially thankful to the following organizations for their funding through scholarships and awards

  1. American Public Works Association, Intermountain Section. Diversity Graduate Scholarship, 2018

  2. American Public Works Association, Utah Chapter Graduate Scholarship, 2016

  3. President's Award and Scholarship. Utah State University Student Association, 2015

  4. Paper Competition Scholarship, "2015 J. Paul Riley AWRA Utah Section: Student Water Conference & Paper Competition" 2015

  5. Utah Water Users Association Scholarship, 2013

  6. Graduate Enhancement Award. Graduate Student Senate at Utah State University, 2013

  7. PhD Research Assistantship. Utah State University 2012-2018


Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.