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WaMDaM Authors

Adel M. Abdallah has been the lead in WaMDaM development as part of his PhD dissertation at Utah State University under the advising of Dr. David Rosenberg.

The timing, availability of funding, expertise, and passion for WaMDaM development were incredible by all means. We were encouraged by a great interest from national and international scientists and practitioners in standardizing the way we work with and communicate systems water management data.

Adel M. Abdallah
PhD Candidate: Systems Analysis Hydroinformatics

Feel free to send me an email, I'd love to hear from you 👂

David E. Rosenberg
Associate Professor: Systems Analysis

David Rosenberg (left) and Adel Abdallah (right) receiving the Best Research-Oriented Paper of the Year from the Environmental and Water Resources Institute, 2015. [Earlier work 😄]

Journal Article: Heterogeneous residential water and energy linkages and implications for conservation and management