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Compare Scenarios

This utility compares two scenarios of a model within the same Master Network loaded into a WaMDaM SQLite database. It exports the results into an Excel Workbook template.

The Workbook reports differences and similarities in four spreadsheets: ChangeInTopology, ChangeInMetadata_Topology, ChangeInMetadata_Attributes, and ChangeInDataValues


1. Download the ScenariosComparion Template

Download Use it for
ScenariosComparion Template Download Generic template to export scenario comparisons results

2. Launch WaMDaM Wizard, If not already connected, connect to the SQLite database with loaded data.

3. Click at the Query WaMDaM tab, then click at "Compare Scenarios of a Network button". Choose the Model name, Network name and scenarios for comparison. Finally provide the downloaded Workbook template to export results.